Horizon Forbidden West

Why do some of us want easy games?

And don't you dare let anyone make you feel guilty about it

‘Horizon Forbidden West’ patch 1.08 improves stability and balances weapons

Developer Guerrilla Games is still looking into other reported issues

Game publishers want you to buy games on release day – you shouldn’t

Take a step back, attack your pile of shame, and you may find yourself richer - quite literally - for it

‘Horizon Forbidden West’ patch tweaks vegetation to improve performance

The update provides a variety of fixes and improvements

‘Horizon Forbidden West’ has a trophy that plants real-world trees for unlocking

"For the release of Horizon Forbidden West, we want to do something to help nature"

‘Horizon Forbidden West’ gets its own Lego Tallneck set

The 'Horizon Forbidden West' Lego set will be made up of 1,222 pieces and stand tall at 13.5 inches