Lost Ark

‘Lost Ark’ developer says to avoid Tytalos Guardian Raid until it’s fixed

Players who were affected may receive compensation

‘Lost Ark’ March update adds Arkesia Grand Prix

Time to break out the Wii wheel

‘Lost Ark’ surpasses 20million global users

“Together with Smilegate, we are committed to supporting the growing community with a robust roadmap of updates in the years to come”

‘Lost Ark’ bans over 1million bot accounts

This follows a bot problem in the MMO

‘Lost Ark’ developer says new classes may be revealed in a roadmap

"The roadmap is still going to happen (I assume classes will be a part of it)..."

‘Lost Ark’ developer says server transfers are “not a viable option” just yet

Amazon Game Studios has shared a post addressing some of the biggest issues with 'Lost Ark'