Lost Ark

‘Lost Ark’ update adds new EU server, stops players from getting booted

The developer has "implemented the groundwork for a new region to host servers in Europe, called ‘Europe West'"

‘Lost Ark’ is adding more servers to cope with the demand

We’re less than a week into the release of the latest massively multiplayer online role playing game ‘Lost Ark’ being available, but it’s already close to breaking records, amassing a huge player base right away. Part of this might be to do with the fact it’s free to play, but nonetheless, it seems developer Smilegate is having to add more European servers to keep up with the demand.

‘Lost Ark’ players are review bombing the MMO over locked server issues

Many free-to-play fans have been unable to play with their pay-to-play friends

‘Lost Ark’ outlines plans for a new European region to address queue times

"While we understand lengthy queue times may persist, we will need time to ensure everything is set up to be in top shape to help accommodate all players to get in game"

‘Lost Ark’ helps Asmongold beat Twitch viewer records

The streams go from strength to strength

‘Lost Ark’ exploit allows players to duplicate Founder’s Pack rewards

Users were able to duplicate rewards from Twitch drops and Founder's Pack content

‘Lost Ark’ is causing Steam servers to buckle due to pre-load demand

The MMO is proving incredibly popular before it's even released fully

Here’s when you can play ‘Lost Ark’

‘Lost Ark’ is launching soon, so here’s all the launch times depending on your timezone