Marvel's Avengers

Spider-Man ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ preview: thwips, quips, and AIM gunships

We got an early look at Spider-Man and the Klaw Raid in Marvel's Avengers, here's what we thought

‘Marvel’s Avengers’ trailer shows Spider-Man in action

Spider-Man is back with the Avengers, don't tell Sony

‘Marvel’s Avengers’ finally announces Spider-Man release date

Spider-Man is coming by the end of the month

‘Marvel’s Avengers’ “a disappointing outcome” reveals Square Enix President

Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda has revealed that Marvel’s Avengers has “not proven as successful as we would have like” in a new annual report.

‘Marvel’s Avengers’ dev removing paid XP boosts after player feedback

Paid XP boosts will be removed by the end of the day

‘Uncharted’ legend Amy Hennig is working on a new Marvel game

The title will be a narrative-driven, blockbuster action-adventure game

‘Marvel’s Avengers’ adds paid XP boosts

Some players are calling it “pay-to-win”

‘Marvel’s Avengers’ is coming to Game Pass

Hot on the heels of the Black Panther addition to ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ it seems Square Enix and developer Crystal Dynamics is keen to get more people playing the game, and so it’s been announced that the title is coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC, Console, and Cloud.

‘Marvel’s Avengers’ is coming to Xbox Game Pass

Including the new War For Wakanda DLC

Spider-Man will have his own story in ‘Marvel’s Avengers’

Crystal Dynamics says his inclusion will be as an "event"