Mass Effect

‘Anthem’ director Jonathan Warner leaves BioWare

Warner had worked with BioWare for over a decade

Henry Cavill teases potential ‘Mass Effect’ project

“Secret project?… Guess you’ll have to wait and see”

‘Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’ won’t feature Pinnacle Station DLC

The collection also doesn’t have a multiplayer mode

‘Mass Effect 2’ same-sex romance was cut because of Fox News

“It was actually very late that [Jack] became a male/female-only romance”

It looks like ‘Mass Effect’ may be coming back in March

We don’t know anything about the new ‘Mass Effect’, but a retailer mistake may have given us the date we can next play ‘Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’, at least

BioWare drops a surprise trailer for a new ‘Mass Effect’ entry

It looks to be set after the events of ‘Mass Effect 3’

‘Mass Effect’ creator, ‘Dragon Age’ producer resign from BioWare

Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah have both been with the studio for two decades

Check out new concept art from the upcoming ‘Mass Effect’ game

The images come by way of a newly released art book

A new ‘Mass Effect’ game is in development, says BioWare

It’s been described as “the next chapter of the Mass Effect universe”

‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition’ has been spotted on a rating board

It has been rated for release by The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea