Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

‘Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’ infographic shows off player choices

Garrus and Tali were the most popular squadmates in the first game

‘Mass Effect’ modder restores missing butt shots to Legendary Edition

But he’s also the one who removed them in the first place

‘Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’ mod fixes character response glitch

Conrad Verner will now remember the choices you make

‘Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’ has given more potential for modders

“There’s a lot more we can do now that simply wasn’t possible before."

‘Nier: Automata’ update removes Denuvo Anti-Tamper software

Despite being four years old, the game has been updated today to remove Denuvo.

New BioWare manager wants to restore studio’s reputation

"Success is all about rebuilding that reputation, and delivering on that promise of quality”

‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition’ has Denuvo anti-piracy software removed

The incredibly unpopular Denuvo anti-piracy software has been removed from the Steam version of ‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition’, as spotted by eagle-eyed reddit users who noticed that changes had been made on the SteamDB tracking website. This website checks for any changes to Steam games, and on Monday June 7, the base executable file for ‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition’ changed.

‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition’ update removes Denuvo DRM

EA chooses to remove Denuvo from 'Mass Effect Legendary Edition'

‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition’ sets new record for BioWare

There are few games that make emotions run as high as the ‘Mass Effect’ series, and for lots of different reasons, but one way or another the series is back, and it’s already set a new record for BioWare.