Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition’ receives a big visual update

Patch 1.02 includes many visual improvements

‘Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’ upgrades were guided by modders

“This is our minimum bar and from here we have to then go bigger”

‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition’ Quality and Framerate modes revealed

Xbox Series X provides the best of both worlds

‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition’ shows off graphical updates

Every texture has been improved for the release

Mako handling is improved in the ‘Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’

Combat and character creation are also getting overhauled

‘Mass Effect’: Legendary Edition’ to feature a massively upgraded original game

Recently BioWare decided to show off their remastered rereleases of the original Mass Effect trilogy, confidently called “Legendary Edition”, and among the many details given out was the fact that, finally, the original ‘Mass Effect’ will be getting gameplay changes

‘Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’ won’t feature Pinnacle Station DLC

The collection also doesn’t have a multiplayer mode

‘Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’ coming Spring next year

All three original games will be included with enhancements