Microsoft Flight Simulator

Xbox Game Pass November additions revealed

Exo One and Microsoft Flight Simulator GOTY lead the pack

‘Microsoft Flight Simulator: Game of the Year Edition’ is coming soon

While there will be some that might quibble over the term “game” when discussing ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’, nobody can argue against the fact that it’s been a phenomenal success. With the Xbox Series S|X version released a few months ago, there’s a new “Game of the Year” edition coming next month, with a plethora of new content, and it’s going to be entirely free for all players.

‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ players fly through Hurricane Ida in real time

Using the game's Real-World Weather feature, players were able to simulate the storm

A big ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ update has massively improved some visuals

Announced during Gamescom last month, world update 6 for ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ is a major change for the game, adding incredible additional detail to the regions of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ future plans laid out: new planes, updates, and more

While Xbox didn’t go that big with its Gamescom presentation this year, it does seem that ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ is being recognised as one of the biggest titles available from Xbox Game Studios right now, with multiple updates and the near future being laid out by the developer itself.

‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ getting competitive multiplayer later this year

The Reno Air Races expansion will release later this year