Monster Hunter

Certain Affinity job listing requires Xbox “development experience”

This follows reports that the studio is working on an Xbox-exclusive 'Monster Hunter' type game

Milla Jovovich on ‘Monster Hunter’ China controversy: “We should have researched it”

"I feel horrible that it did strike a nerve with some people"

Capcom to talk about more ‘Resident Evil Village’ and ‘Monster Hunter’ at E3

One of the biggest events in the yearly gaming calendar is fast approaching, and that means the biggest publishers in the industry are getting out in front and setting expectations for what they’ll be showcasing at E3. Capcom are the latest to reveal plans, and while it’s not hugely unexpected, there sounds like there will be some surprises to come from the Japanese publisher.

Racist joke cut from all versions of ‘Monster Hunter’ film

Director Paul W.S. Anderson has also issued an apology

‘Monster Hunter’ pulled from Chinese cinemas over alleged racial slur

Capcom Asia have said they have no involvement in the big screen adaptation of the game

Movie adaptations of games are terrible, so why am I excited for ‘Monster Hunter’?

History tells us to not get our hopes up, but something feels different this time