No Man's Sky

‘No Man’s Sky’ will work on the Steam Deck

Sean Murray shared a video of the game in action

‘No Man’s Sky’ creator says the game isn’t finished by ‘a long shot’

With nearly 20 updates to the game since it was released in 2016, ‘No Man’s Sky’ has gone from something people loved to hate on, to a sprawling space adventure packed with features, and the developer just keeps adding new ideas to the game. Right after releasing the ‘Sentinel’ update as the first of 2022, creator Sean Murray has been speaking to about the future of the game.

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‘No Man’s Sky’ is finally getting positive reviews on PC

It’s taken five full years but it seems as though fortunes are finally turning around for Hello Games, the developer of ‘No Man’s Sky’. Originally released way back in August 2016 as a PlayStation console exclusive, the game has gone on to be released on Xbox consoles as well, and had multiple updates, and has finally turned the corner on Steam.