Overwatch 2

‘Overwatch 2’ trailer reveals new hero Ramattra’s abilities

Ramattra is 'Overwatch 2''s "first tempo tank"

‘Overwatch 2’ will transcribe voice chats to minimise “disruptive behaviour”

Players will see a notification warning that voice chat “may be recorded”

Blizzard promises to make improvements to ‘Overwatch 2’’s reward system

"I think a good place to start is saying that we aren’t completely satisfied with how everything feels right now"

Blizzard Entertainment to suspend game services in China

"We are looking for alternatives to bring our games back to players in the future"

The next ‘Overwatch 2’ character will be a “stronger support hero”

"Each hero role is properly harmonised and released in order. Ramattra is a season 2 charge hero, and the next hero will be a stronger support hero"

‘Overwatch 2’ unveils Ramattra, its newest tank hero

Ramattra will join the fun in 'Overwatch 2' on December 6

‘Overwatch 2’ Halloween event kicks off to mixed reception

The event's monetisation has been met with criticism