Overwatch 2

‘Overwatch 2’ beta update adjusts 6 heroes

Newcomers Junker Queen and Sojourn among those receiving minor reworks

‘Overwatch 2’ will readjust Mercy’s abilities after controversial changes

It's also revealed that her ability to fly was originally a bug

‘Overwatch 2’ players feel that Junker Queen should be made larger

Some fans feel she doesn't fit the proportions of a tank character

‘Overwatch 2’ updates a map after fan points out anti-homeless set piece

The benches featured in Midtown originally featured dividers

The newest ‘Overwatch 2’ beta has begun and Mercy players aren’t happy

The newest ‘Overwatch 2’ beta is underway but those that play Mercy are unhappy with some of the changes made to her gameplay style

‘Overwatch 2’ defends the “support a streamer” promotion as some creators raise concerns

Players are encouraged to subscribe to streamers to earn rewards, but only select channels were included in the promotion leading to backlash

‘Overwatch 2’ will completely replace the first game

The sequel is set to launch in October

‘Overwatch 2’ developers discuss plans for guilds, loot boxes and reworks

'Overwatch 2' will not launch with a complete MMR reset, and several changes to existing characters have been discussed

‘Overwatch 2’ roadmap outlines what to expect at launch and beyond

The free-to-play shooter has shared that fans can expect new heroes, maps and more at launch

A second ‘Overwatch 2’ beta is coming soon

The beta will go live later this month