Persona 5

‘Persona 5 Royal’ Nintendo Switch release date and latest news

Persona 5 Royal has finally been announced for Nintendo Switch. After years of waiting, and plenty of outcry from fans, players will be able...

‘Persona 5 Royal’ Nintendo Switch listing appears on European retailer

This follows confirmation of PC, PS5 and Xbox console releases

‘Persona 5’ is coming to PC and Xbox Game Pass this year

'Persona 5' will launch for Xbox and PC in October 2022, while 'Persona 3' and '4' are "coming soon"

Shoji Meguro: ‘Persona’’s composer on leaving Atlus to chase a dream

Shoji Meguro tells NME about 25 years with Atlus and what he's working on next

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Will we finally see Project Re Fantasy?

‘Persona’ series composer leaves Atlus to become an indie developer

Shoji Meguro will still work for Atlus on a freelance basis