PUBG Mobile

‘PUBG Mobile’ cuts cheating in half with new anti-cheat system

"Cheating is completely unacceptable in 'PUBG Mobile', and this is yet another step towards stopping players from using deceitful and unfair technology"

The Taliban is banning ‘PUBG’ for “promoting violence”

The Taliban have criticised 'PUBG Mobile' for "promoting violence" amid a moral panic about the game's popularity

‘PUBG Mobile’ collaborating with ‘Dragon Ball’ next year

This is the next in a long line of collaborations for 'PUBG Mobile'

‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’ is crossing over with ‘PUBG Mobile’

Players will get to watch EVA-01 duke it out with Angels in real-time

‘PUBG Mobile’ to feature K-pop group BLACKPINK in Version 2.0

Version 2.0 will also include map revamps and improved anti-cheat

‘PUBG’ developer Krafton is suing Apple and Google for distributing alleged clone

Krafton says both companies are responsible for selling a game they claim "blatantly" copies 'PUBG'

‘PUBG Mobile’ awarded £7.3million in damages from hacking group lawsuit

The defendants were responsible for selling cheats for 'PUBG Mobile'

Liverpool FC kits are coming to ‘PUBG Mobile’

You'll never walk alone, even if the winner is still the last one standing