PUBG Mobile

Crowdfunding campaign begins for AAA Steam-compatible handheld console

The ONE XPLAYER has support from Tencent Games

‘PUBG Mobile’ has reportedly earned over US$5billion in revenue

An analysis firm claims US$2.7billion in revenue was generated in 2020 alone

‘PUBG Mobile’ has crossed 1billion downloads worldwide

A new gameplay mode featuring Godzilla and King Kong has also been announced

Two new ‘PUBG’ games are expected to launch by 2022

“We will not stay as a one-hit wonder”

‘Among Us’ was the most downloaded mobile game of 2020

But ‘PUBG’ was the highest-grossing mobile game of 2020 worldwide

Over 2million ‘PUBG Mobile’ accounts were banned last week

More than a quarter of the banned accounts had modified their characters

‘PUBG Mobile’ bans over 2million accounts in one week for cheating

The bans will be permanent, according to the company.