‘PUBG’ update 15.2 makes the battle royale free-to-play from today

Five years after launching, the battle royale giant has made the jump to free-to-play

‘PUBG’ will become free to play next January

An additional purchase is required for Ranked playlists

‘PUBG’ to have rideable mountain bikes very soon

Wheelies, bunny hops, you name it!

Krafton Inc to acquire ‘Subnautica’ developer Unknown Worlds

An unannounced game is expected to release next year

Amazon’s Christoph Hartman admits company did “exactly the wrong thing” with ‘Crucible’

"Don’t go and do what everyone else does because everyone else went for battle royale shooters"

‘PUBG’ teases a spooky Halloween Fantasy Battle Royale event

Things are getting spooky around Erangel

PlayerUnknown says ‘Prologue’ will set up the bigger ‘Project Artemis’

"I want my team’s name to mean something in a couple of years"

PLAYERUNKNOWN forms his own new independent studio

The man behind the battle royale phenomenon that many will argue kickstarted the genre is leaving the team at ‘PUBG’ and starting his own studio called ‘PLAYERUNKNOWN PRODUCTIONS’, and yes, that is all in caps, just in case you were wondering.