New ‘PUBG’ reputation system will measure a player’s toxicity

“As long as you are not exhibiting toxic or otherwise disruptive behavior”

Team Secret CEO on loyalty: “Our players are Team Secret for life”

The team may also be adding Valorant to their roster

The new ‘PUBG’ map features a volcano, will be “dynamic”

Paramo will feature the battle royale later this month

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Sony has announced the two new games coming to PlayStation Plus for September, and they’re great titles, but don’t forget to grab August’s games before they leave!

‘PUBG Mobile’ bans over 2million accounts in one week for cheating

The bans will be permanent, according to the company.

‘PUBG’ headlines PlayStation Plus offerings for September

It will be joined by ‘Street Fighter V’

‘PUBG’ adds bots and ranked matches in new patch

Update 7.2 also brings new balance changes for weapons

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Want the excitement of urban exploration without the trespassing fines? We need more UrbEx video games

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