Ready Or Not

‘Ready Or Not’ developer justifies why it charges more for alpha testing

Some players have criticised Void Interactive for locking alpha testing behind a £61.98 upgrade

‘Ready Or Not’ is a well-made tactical FPS that I feel uncomfortable playing

Void Interactive's spiritual successor to SWAT 4 is tactically engaging but thematically regressive

‘Ready Or Not’ will add new weapons and game mode options in January

A sizeable update is set to arrive this month

‘Ready Or Not’ devs say school shooting level will “honour” those impacted

They want to create something "that does not trivialize their experiences

‘Ready Or Not’ dev splits with publisher Team17

The announcement came just hours after a developer said 'Ready Or Not' will have a school shooting level

‘Ready Or Not’ will launch in early access before the end of the year

The game is launching whether it's ready or not