Resident Evil 4 VR

Meta buys studios behind ‘Iron Man VR’ and ‘Resident Evil 4 VR’

The purchase of three studios was revealed as part of the Meta Connect 2022 livestream

‘Resident Evil 4 VR’ gets left-handed support in usability update

Kill zombies in VR, now with support for left-handers

‘Resident Evil 4 VR’ Mercenaries mode will release for free next year

The leaked trailer has confirmed the release earlier than expected.

‘Resident Evil 4 VR’ cuts suggestive dialogue from original game

The changes have been made to "update 'Resident Evil 4' for a modern audience".

‘Resident Evil’ 25th anniversary website teases October announcements

Could we be hearing more about that Resident Evil Village DLC?

‘Resident Evil 7’ has sold 10million copies worldwide

The first person survival horror title is also free as part of PS5's PS Plus Collection

‘Resident Evil 4 VR’ is coming to Oculus Quest 2 sooner than you might think

Announced right at the very tail end of the most recent ‘Resident Evil’ showcase, Capcom unveiled ‘Resident Evil 4 VR’, but it looked early in development, and there weren’t too many details aside from the fact it is coming to Oculus Quest 2. But it turns out it’s coming way sooner than we all thought.

‘Resident Evil 4 VR’ lands 2021 release window for Oculus Quest 2

A brief look at gameplay was unveiled during the inaugural Oculus Gaming Showcase