Shadow Warrior 3

‘Shadow Warrior 3’ review: a straight shooter

This Boomer Shooter feels a little stuck in the '90s

‘Shadow Warrior 3’ will be released day one in PlayStation Now

Many people will be hearing these words for the first time, but a brand new game is releasing day and date via PlayStation Now, the service that some think will eventually turn into Sony’s very own attempt at an Xbox Game Pass competitor. It’s not an exclusive title, either, and it’s a Devolver Digital published title. ‘Shadow Warrior 3’ will be added to the service on release day, which is March 1st.

‘Shadow Warrior 3’ release date announced and voice cast revealed

Some may argue that twitch based, hyper-speed shooters are an under-represented genre when it comes to single player experiences, but with Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem just released, the next stop for the FPS fans will be Shadow Warrior 3, which has been finally been given a release date, and it’s March 1st.

‘Shadow Warrior 3’ release date and voice cast announced

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Devolver Digital releases 17-minute ‘Shadow Warrior 3’ playthrough

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Devolver Digital announces ‘Shadow Warrior 3’, gameplay coming soon

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