Six Days in Fallujah

‘Six Days In Fallujah’ delayed by a year as dev team doubles in size

“Recreating these true stories was going to require more people, capital, and time than we had”

Watch the gripping gameplay reveal for ‘Six Days In Fallujah’

Featuring “procedural architecture” to remap the battlefield every time the game is played

Victura says it understands ‘Six Days in Falluajah’ is “inseparable from politics”

"We trust you will find the game -- like the events it recreates -- to be complex"

‘Six Days in Fallujah’ publishers say game is “not trying to make a political commentary”

“Almost all the outrage I’ve heard are from people who were not in Fallujah"

Cancelled Iraq war game ‘Six Days in Fallujah’ has been revived

The military shooter is based on the real-life battle and developed by Halo veterans