‘Starfield’ will allow players to visit and explore over 1000 planets

Bethesda teased extensive new 'Starfield' footage that highlighted aspects of the sci-fi game's exploration, role-playing elements and ship customisation

‘Starfield’ and ‘Redfall’ delayed into 2023 by Bethesda

Both titles will now release in the first half of next year

‘Starfield’ developer hints at players being able to explore space itself

“It is a blank canvas and a massive playground"

‘Starfield’ video shows off robotic companion Vasco

Vasco is primarily a peaceful robot

‘Starfield’ will cover “so much new ground” for Bethesda, says lead designer

The game is still on track for a November 2022 release

‘Starfield’ will include a persuasion mechanic drawn from ‘Oblivion’

"It feels like a conversation where you're actually trying to persuade somebody of something"

‘Starfield’ is inspired by “older, hardcore RPGs”

The title also “asks the big questions, like what’s next for humanity?”

‘Starfield’ developers share details on the game’s “NASA-Punk” style

"When you said NASA-Punk, the art team could instantly take those two words and make them work"