Street Fighter V

Twitch streamer Pokimane now co-owns Evo, an iconic fighting game tournament

Pokimane's position at RTS means she co-owns the biggest fighting game competition in the world

A brand new character is coming to ‘Street Fighter V’

Capcom has lifted the lid on the final character that’s coming to ‘Street Fighter V’ and also revealed the release dates for Oro and Akira, but the headline news is definitely that there’s a brand new character called “Luke” coming to the game.

Guile and Cammy from ‘Street Fighter’ are joining ‘Fortnite’

'Street Fighter V' summer update also included new fighter updates, including a brand new character reveal

Red Bull Kumite reminds me how much I miss offline fighting game tournaments

After over a year of no live events, the London ‘Street Fighter V’ tournament reignited everything I love about watching fighting games

‘Street Fighter V’ Spring update takes first look at Oro and Akira

Rose also makes her return to the series later this month

‘Street Fighter V’ is currently unplayable for blind gamers

The game has previously been commended for its accessibility efforts