Team Fortress 2

‘Team Fortress 2’ patch tackles bots and bugs after “#SaveTF2” campaign

The latest 'Team Fortress 2' update fixes a number of exploits used by bots and cheaters

Valve responds to #SaveTF2 fan campaign and is “working to improve things”

"We see how large this issue has become and are working to improve things," shared Valve

Steam sets new records of 28million concurrent users

A huge start for the equally huge gaming platform

Valve removing Havok license fee for paid mods of its games

The Havok license fee for paid games is $25,000 according to Valve

‘Team Fortress 2’ hits all-time concurrent player high after summer patch

The player count recently received an ÜberCharge

‘Team Fortress 2”s overdue update includes new summer cosmetic pack

Probably not enough to get the community excited though

Valve are looking for a psychologist to join their game development team

The candidate will have to "research compelling new hardware technologies"

‘Team Fortress 2’ has received a huge Halloween update

The game originally released 13 years ago