The Callisto Protocol

‘The Callisto Protocol’ director leaves the studio he founded

Following the game's poor sales and a round of layoffs in August

‘The Callisto Protocol’ developer lays off almost a fifth of its staff

These "strategic changes" affected 32 employees

‘Dead Space’ creator praises EA Motive’s “faithful” remake

“It has withstood the test of time” added 'The Callisto Protocol''s director

Developers claim they’ve been deliberately omitted from the credits of ‘The Callisto Protocol’

“Somebody wanted to send a message, and the message was, ‘Next time have a bit more loyalty’”

‘The Callisto Protocol’ now lets you skip its gruesome death animations

A new update allows players to skip the game's death animations, and makes some general combat improvements

‘The Callisto Protocol’ patch fixes stuttering issues on PC

Strriking Distance Studios founder Glen Schofield described the bug as a "freaking error [caused] by someone rushing"

‘The Callisto Protocol’ review: good unclean fun

Flay me to the moon

‘The Callisto Protocol’ launches to “mostly negative” Steam reviews due to performance woes

"The very first cutscene I was getting constant frame drops and [it] only got worse from there"

‘The Callisto Protocol’ director explains how SpongeBob SquarePants inspired game

“Cartoons do that very well. Disney, Pixar, or whatever – they give you the message right away"