The Dark Pictures Anthology

‘The Quarry’ developer Supermassive Games acquired by Nordisk Games

Nordisk previously had a stake in the developer of around a third

Supermassive Games trademarks new IP titled ‘The Quarry’

The IP has been filed under the category for console and PC releases

‘The Dark Pictures Anthology’ potential season two titles and logos registered

Five logos and titles have been registered by Supermassive Games

‘The Dark Pictures Anthology’ announces season finale, ‘The Devil In Me’

The fourth and final chapter of the Anthology’s first season is their “most bloodcurdling story yet”

Sounds scary: why horror game music is the key to unlocking true fear

Slime, bees and death whistles: the composers of Resident Evil, The Dark Pictures Anthology, and A Plague Tale spill their secrets.

‘The Dark Pictures Anthology: House Of Ashes’’ gets first official trailer

The game was previously teased at the end of 'Little Hope'