The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

‘Skyrim’ co-op mod update smooths over launch issues

'Skyrim Together Reborn' has been downloaded almost 250,000 times

Game grading firm Wata hit with lawsuit for “manipulating” retro market

The suit says Wata has been "engaging in affirmative acts to manipulate the retro video game market"

New ‘Skyrim’ mod adds a sci-fi city with skyscrapers to the game

A truly different way of playing

‘Valheim’ mod recreates Riften city from ‘Skyrim’

Home on the range

‘Skyrim’ mod to let players make Windhelm look like its concept art

The mod aims to replicate the original Windhelm concept art

‘Skyrim’ roleplaying overhaul mod ‘Requiem’ finally in Special Edition

The mod originally released almost ten years ago

‘Skyrim’ players are in love with a mod that adds a fresh look for locks

Don't go picking any locks around here

‘Skyrim’ skooma absinthe is now on sale

"The finest skooma, the sweetest moon sugar. At a fair price, of course."

‘Skyrim’ can be completed glitchless in just over an hour

What huge open world?