The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

‘Skyrim Anniversary Edition’ gave modder early access to prevent “modpocalypse”

"In an attempt to avert the part of the modpocalpyse that I can control, I've been spending all of my free time for the last week and a half or so getting this ready"

‘Skyrim’ did not go “deep enough” in parts, says Todd Howard

It didn't launch with fishing, there's your problem

‘Skyrim: Anniversary Edition’ prices confirmed by Bethesda

The Skyrim next-gen upgrade will also be free

‘Skyrim’ board game is partly a prequel to the video game

I used to be a board game piece like you, but then I took a dice roll to the knee

Crowdfunding for the ‘Skyrim’ board game opens next month

Anyone who backs the game will also gain access to the demo

‘Skyrim Anniversary Edition’ to get aquariums

Forget about adventuring, open up a nice aquarium and retire

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Surprising no-one, 'Beat Saber' is in the top five

‘Skyrim Anniversary Edition’ update may be disruptive for modders

"Back up your executable now, and disable updates in Steam"