The Oculus Quest 2

Facebook stops selling Oculus Quest 2 and recalls headsets

As one of the biggest wire-free solutions for Virtual Reality, Oculus Quest 2 has been seen as one of the most affordable entry points to VR, only really putting people off due to how tied in to Facebook it is: after all, Facebook owns Oculus. But now the headsets are being voluntarily recalled due to reports of skin irritation from the foam on the headset.

Oculus Quest 2 is getting even better, with wireless PC play

As one of the best and most comfortable VR options available, Oculus Quest 2 already offers an entirely wireless experience, untethered from any PC at all, allowing you to literally play ‘Superhot’ in a field if you fancy it. But now, the Quest 2 is making a move that might make it the ultimate VR headset for all requirements.

‘Oculus Quest 2’ has been announced, and it’s powerful

Facebook leaked their own product announcement when they accidentally made two videos live early, revealing the new Oculus Quest 2, a far more powerful wire-free VR experience than ever before