Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

‘Rainbow Six Siege’ director shuts down talk of a sequel

The game launched in 2015 and creative director Alexander Karpazis believes it can “last forever”

‘Rainbow Six Siege’ gets ‘Halo’ Master Chief armour and Gravity Hammer

The bundle contains a victory celebration and a Cortana Chibi charm too

‘Rainbow Six Siege’ board game adaptation asks backers for more funding

Backers "unwilling or unable to pay" will not receive '6: Siege' in October, but refunds are available

Ubisoft cuts ties with ‘Siege’ content creator Thaqil after racism accusations

The streamer's in-game charm will be removed from 'Rainbow Six Siege'

‘Rainbow Six Siege’ attacker Grim is getting a rework

The unpopular operator should be getting his gadget changed in the not-so-distant future

Shield operators are getting reworked in ‘Rainbow Six Siege’

It’s bad news for Blitz fans, but good news for people that hate getting shot in the legs

‘Rainbow Six Siege’’s new season is Operation Commanding Force, and it launches in March

'Siege' is getting the first content drop of Year 8, and a brand new operator

‘Rainbow Six Siege’ Operation Commanding Force will make the game more tactical

Reload changes and tweaks to Zero mark a move towards more deliberate play

New operator Brava is going to shake up ‘Rainbow Six Siege’’s meta

Ubisoft is ready to kick Year 8 of 'Siege' content with a bang

‘Rainbow Six Siege’ hackers turn ban list into NSFW nightmare

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