Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

‘Rainbow Six Siege’ has an ‘AFK bouncers’ cheating problem in Japan

Players are bouncing in place whilst AFK to gain in-game currency

Ex-‘Rainbow Six Siege’ pro Pengu alleges years of audio bug use in competitive play

The bugs could provide a significant competitive advantage

‘Rainbow Six Extraction’ will be Ubisoft’s next ‘Rainbow Six’ game

Rainbow Six Extraction will be the next game in the franchise from Ubisoft

‘Doom Eternal’ set to receive Ray Tracing and DLSS updates

'Red Dead Redemption 2', 'Rainbow 6 Siege' and others to receive DLSS too

‘Rainbow Six Siege’ trailer teases new operator’s healing ability

A full reveal of Mina ‘Thunderbird’ Sky is expected to arrive on Sunday (May 23)

Amazon Games’ new AAA studio opens in Montreal

They've given a few details about their first project