Total War: Warhammer 2

‘Total War: Warhammer II’ Beastmen overhaul details violent new playstyle

The free overhaul will make Beastmen better at all the violent things they do best.

‘Total War: Warhammer II’ shares a monstrous trailer for the newest DLC

Lizardmen, Beastmen and Dwarves will be receiving new units this month.

‘Total War: Three Kingdoms’ fans upset as development is halted

Development has started on a follow-up sequel

‘Total War: Warhammer 2’ receives a new free Legendary Lord

Rakarth is a new Legendary Lord with a focus on tackling monsters

‘Total War: Warhammer 3’ sets 2021 release date

The final instalment will give players the chance to play as one of the four ruinous powers