Latest ‘Valheim’ patch adds two world events and stops Serpents fleeing

Wolves, Globins, and Snakes are all getting aggressive in this patch.

‘Valheim’ latest patch improves the game’s terrain system

Patch 0.150.3 will also make terrain modification cheaper

‘Valheim’ hits 6million players and teases information about its first update

'Hearth and Home' is the first planned update after bug fixes are finished

‘Valheim’ mods lets players explore and conquer Europe

Players can explore the UK, Iceland and other parts of Europe

Valheim surpasses 5 million units sold on Steam

Players have also spent more than 15,000 years playing Valheim

‘Valheim’ players are building Whiterun from ‘Skyrim’

We can’t wait to visit the Cloud District

‘Valheim’ has sold over four million copies in three weeks

Launching into early access on Steam on the 2nd of February, ‘Valheim’ is a survival game that feels more polished than most at this stage. It has managed to get over half a million people playing at the same time during its highest period, making it the fifth ever game to manage that statistic

‘Valheim’ sells over 2million copies in the last fortnight

"The largest Viking population in all of human history."