War Thunder

‘War Thunder’ users leak military secrets for the 14th time

Sensitive documents about the M2A2 Bradley fighting vehicle were shared on the official forum

Yet another ‘War Thunder’ player leaks restricted military documents

There have been multiple leaks of classified military documents in the past

‘War Thunder’ devs remove Steam mention from website due to review bombing

The 'War Thunder' website no longer displays the mention of Steam

Another gamer commits treason by posting military secrets on ‘War Thunder’ forums

"The penalty for a conviction of unauthorised disclosure includes up to 10 years in prison, a large fine or both”

More military secrets leaked on ‘War Thunder’ forum to improve game

"We do our best to research information on vehicles using legally available tools, and scandals like this are clearly not useful for our efforts"

‘War Thunder’ disables in-game chat to prevent “political discussions”

"We've temporarily closed our in-game chat to make sure that it is not used for political discussions"

More classified tank information has been leaked on ‘War Thunder’ game forums

People care so much about the accuracy of in-game tanks that they'll risk prison time