Missing gigs? You've come to the right place.

NME has teamed up with Goose Island Presents to host an exclusive livestreamed gig by Britpop heroes Supergrass, broadcast live from The Bullingdon in Oxford. Crack open a Goose Island and let's have some fun.

Thank you!

Thanks for coming back to (Virtual) Reality with us, the session has now ended.
See you next time!


  • Where can I purchase entry to the stream?
    Head on over to Goose Island Presents to purchase entry. Your donation must be at least £2 and be purchased by 3pm on the day of show (Fri, Aug 21). You will then receive an unique access code in a confirmation email. Purchasers must be 18+.
  • Can I share my code with friends?
    The code is a unique, single use code that cannot be shared with anyone else.
  • Can I reload my page and still access the stream?
    Yes, as long as you still have your unique code, you will be able to reload the page and stream.
  • What time does the livestream begin?
    The performance will begin at 19:00 BST
  • How long will the live stream and performance last for?
    The live stream will last for approximately 45 minutes.
  • Where can I buy Goose Island beers from?
    Check out Goose Island’s full range of beers at Beerhawk.