‘A Plague Tale: Requiem’ release date, gameplay, platforms and everything we know

Here's what we know so far

A Plague Tale Requiem continues the story of Hugo and Amicia, as they navigate a new land filled with new dangers. So far we’ve seen just how different this new locale really is, with wide-open spaces and gorgeous beaches. There’s more rats too, marking a big shift in tone when compared to the first game.

Rats feature heavily in the footage we’ve seen so far, obviously. It seems that Hugo is set to become even more powerful as time goes on, with Amicia having to play a big part on whether Hugo uses his powers for good or evil.

To help keep you in the loop with all things A Plague Tale: Requiem, you’ll find everything we know so far about the game, on this regularly updated page. As new info is released, we’ll add it here, and cover the release date, platforms it will release on, and details on gameplay.



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A Plague Tale: Requiem release date

A Plague Tale: Requiem will launch October 18, 2022. This release date was revealed fairly recently, but all signs point to the game launching this year.



Luckily, the game will be releasing on a bunch of different platforms. You’ll be able to play A Plague Tale: Requiem on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC and even Nintendo Switch via a cloud version. Better still, it will launch day one on Xbox Game Pass for PC, cloud and console.


A Plague Tale: Requiem has received a few trailers since being revealed back in 2021. The latest (which is embedded above), gives us the best look at gameplay and visuals, and even reveals the release date. Check it out to see the new weapons and abilities for both Hugo and Amicia.

When is A Plague Tale: Requiem set?

You’ll be travelling further South in France as you play A Plague Tale: Requiem. This means coastal areas, and a decidedly different landscape to the first game. Ship docks, bustling markets and rocky terrain all feature, as France gives way to more Mediterranean styles and cultures. Asobo Studio actually put up a great post on the Xbox Wire blog, detailing some of the areas you’ll visit. Take a look if you’d like to learn more about this unique and vibrant sequel setting.


So far, gameplay for A Plague Tale: Requiem looks fantastic. It’s very similar to the first game, but has been expanded upon to include new weapons for Amicia like the crossbow. Hugo’s powers have matured too, and he can now direct huge swarms of rats to take down enemies. One big change is a new ability that lets Hugo sense enemies in an area. He does this by tapping into the rats’ sense of smell, allowing him to ‘feel’ enemies through walls. This ability can be used to sneak, or to set up traps and kills.

It looks as though this sequel will continue the stealth focus of the first game. Decoys are used often, as are smoke bombs and other tools. As before, Amicia holds Hugo’s hand, guiding him through groups of enemies as they search. Stealth kills certainly look more brutal, as Amicia’s skills have clearly come a long way since the end of A Plague Tale: Innocence.

That’s everything we know so far about A Plague Tale: Requiem. As more details are released about the game, we’ll be sure to update this page. We do have a solid release date, so pending a delay we don’t have too long until we get our hands on the game.

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