‘Fortnite’ Capture Points explained and where to find them

Raise your flag!

Fortnite is now in its fourth chapter, having recently reset its map and gameplay systems following a large event. Capture Points can now be found all over the map, and if you use them correctly, they can really give you an advantage. Claiming a Capture Point near the start of the game will give you access to rare loot, and could even mark enemies in the nearby area for you to track.

Finding Capture Points is the first step here, and luckily they are found all over the map. The hard part is that they are generally found at named locations, so there’s a high likelihood of other players spoiling your fun. Because of this, you’ll need to weigh up the risk vs the reward for claiming a Capture Point in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.

One of the benefits of Capture Points is that they tie into this season’s challenges. There’s a Weekly Challenge associated with claiming them, which will reward you with a good amount of XP upon completion. Here’s how to claim Capture Points in Fortnite, and what you’ll get once you do.

Fortnite Capture Point locations


Capture Points marked with white circles on the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 map
Capture Points can be found at every named location.

Thankfully, Capture Points aren’t all that difficult to find in Fortnite. Just head to any named location on the map. We’ve marked these in the image above. Once you are there, look for a flag icon on your map, or just get up high and look for the white circle around a Capture Point. They are generally very easy to spot, and sit in the centre of named locations.

How to claim a Capture Point

To claim a Capture Point in Fortnite you will need to walk into the white circle that surrounds it. Once you do, you will see a meter in the bottom centre of your screen. This will gradually fill up until it is completely full. At that point the flag will have been raised, and you can collect your rewards.

Note that if the area around a Capture Point is red, it means there is an enemy already capturing it. Similarly, if the flag icon on your map is green, it has already been claimed, and cannot be claimed again.

What are the rewards for claiming a Capture Point


Once you have claimed a Capture Point you will see loot drop from the flag. Generally, this loot is blue rarity or higher in terms of weapons. There will also be some healing items as well. Another reward for raising the flag is that a ping marker will spread out and mark any enemies in the immediate area. This is extremely useful, as you’ll be able to track them through walls.

A player stands in front of a claimed Capture Point in Fortnite. Loot is strewn around it.

Chests are also marked in the area around the Capture Point. This is probably the best way to farm chests currently in the game. Chests are marked as gold on your screen, and can be seen through walls and flooring.

That’s all you need to know about Capture Points in Fortnite. Elsewhere in gaming, Epic Games will have to pay the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over half a billion dollars, following allegations that the Fortnite developer violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and utilised “dark practices” to trick users into spending money.


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