‘Ghost Of Tsushima’ guide: How to find every set of armour

Learn how to unlock and when to equip every armour set in Sucker Punch’s new game

For a scorned samurai such as Jin Sakai, armour constitutes an important part of his identity – it’s the thing that keeps him from the pointy end of Mongol weapons as he attempts to liberate Tsushima Island.

There are several armour sets to find throughout Ghost Of Tsushima, but which equipment is the best? In this guide, we’ll run through all of the armour sets in the game, and show you how to find and use them.

How does armour work in Ghost Of Tsushima?

Over the course of Ghost Of Tsushima, you will encounter new armour sets and equipable items, and you’ll be able to swap your attire at any time by entering the pause menu and heading to the ‘Gear’ tab. When equipping armour, keep in mind that both the mask and helmet options don’t matter when it comes to statistics – only the base armour will give Jin special buffs.

You can upgrade armour by visiting Armourers, who are often found within the game’s many sanctuaries. You’ll have to farm for materials to upgrade your armour, and upgraded sets will offer aesthetic changes as well as increased buffs. It’s good practice to figure out which armour you like the most using the list below, then try to funnel your resources into upgrading it to its maximum potential, so you can be as potent as possible in battle.

Broken Armor

Ghost Of Tsushima Armours
Broken Armor. Credit: Jordan Oloman

How to unlock: Jin will start the game wearing this armour.

Jin’s Broken Armor is a holdover from the dreadful events of the prologue and offers no bonuses to his abilities. You should endeavour to find a new set as soon as possible so you can reap its rewards.

Ronin Attire

Ghost Of Tsushima Armours
Ronin Attire. Credit: Jordan Oloman

How to unlock: You’ll get this via main story progression, once you complete the Blood On The Grass tale.

The Ronin Attire reduces enemy detection speed by 20 per cent, increases the melee damage you deal by 30 per cent at max level and makes it harder for enemies to detect you when you leave a field of Pampas. It’s useful if you’ve got nothing else in the early game but you should focus on the other armour sets first, which offer more bulky upgrades in damage-dealing and protection.

Samurai Clan Armor

Ghost Of Tsushima Armours
Samurai Clan Armor. Credit: Jordan Oloman

How to unlock: You’ll get this via main story progression, after completing The Tale Of Lady Masako.

The Samurai Clan Armor is a great early-game set. Mainly, it reduces all damage by a major amount, gives you a massive health buff and provides a percentage of your resolve back when you get damaged. This means that if you’re wearing this armour, you should play as aggressively as possible and actively seek to take damage so you can restore your ability meter.


Traveler’s Attire

Ghost Of Tsushima Armours
Traveler’s Attire. Credit: Jordan Oloman

How to unlock: In Hiyoshi Prefecture, you can get this armour set by talking to the local merchant, but it should unlock when talking to any merchant in the game.

You should use this armour throughout the game whenever you’re exploring, as it clears 30 per cent more fog than normal, making it a fantastic means to uncover the entire map and find all of the hidden objectives.

It also unlocks a feature on the map screen where you can track artefacts with the guiding wind, as well as making your controller vibrate if you’re 60 metres from an artefact at max level. It’s not great for combat however, so do switch it out before battle once you’ve finished exploring.

Tadayori’s Armor

Ghost Of Tsushima Armours
Tadayori’s Armor. Credit: Jordan Oloman

How to unlock: Tadayori was a legendary archer, so you’ll need to complete the Legend Of Tadayori mythic tale to find this suit. It’s accessible early on via the Azamo Bay Musician.

This is the armour for you if you’re mostly concerned with archery in Ghost Of Tsushima. At max level, it increases nocking and reload speed by 30 per cent, and buffs your concentration time by two seconds. This means you’ll have more time to place careful headshots with the bow in slow motion, once you’ve unlocked the concentration ability. You’ll also restore 50 per cent of your concentration if you land a headshot, meaning you can perpetually restore concentration if you’re an accurate shot.

Sakai Clan Armor

Ghost Of Tsushima Armours
Sakai Clan Armor. Credit: Jordan Oloman

How to unlock: You’ll get this via main story progression, after completing the Ghosts From The Past tale.

This is a fantastic armour set for the mid-game, as it gives Jin a major increase to his melee damage and a massive boost to his health at max level. The best part is that the Sakai Clan Armor will add two to your Standoff streak, which means you can wipe out five enemies as soon as you kick off any battle, as long as you can nail the mini-game timing. If you manage to pull it off, you’ll also have a chance to terrify nearby enemies, which renders them useless in battle.

Kensei Armor

Ghost Of Tsushima Armours
Kensei Armor. Credit: Jordan Oloman

How to unlock: Find the musician in Umugi Cove and complete The Six Blades Of Kojiro mythic tale by finding and duelling all of the Straw Hats in Toyotama.

This furry armour is well worth the effort. Beyond the 30 per cent Resolve gains, the real benefits lie within the way it affects Ghost Weapons, like your Kunai and Sticky Bombs. Ghost Weapons deal a whopping 30 per cent more damage with the Kensei Armour equipped at max level.

The best part? If you hit someone with a Ghost Weapon, they’ll deal 50 per cent less damage to you, and they’ll receive 50 per cent more damage from Ghost Weapons – essentially, they get tagged with a devastating debuff. Definitely seek this one out if you’re struggling to take out groups of enemies.


Gosaku’s Armor

Ghost Of Tsushima Armours
Gosaku’s Armor. Credit: Jordan Oloman

How to unlock: Find the musician in Akashima, the first village you reach in Toyotama – after you activate the Gosaku quests, liberate outposts in Izuhara and Toyotama to find keys that will eventually let you find the resting place of Gosaku’s Armour.

This armour is a great all-rounder: it gives you a massive boost to your health and it also has the capacity to leech from enemies, where killing a staggered enemy will restore 20 per cent of your health at max level. This is complementary to the final stat bonus, which offers a major increase to the amount of stagger damage you deal. Gosaku’s Armor is one of the best sets in the game.


Ghost Of Tsushima Armours
Fundoshi. Credit: Jordan Oloman

How to unlock: Complete every Hot Spring in the game.

This little loincloth will make it so that Jin makes no sound when running or sprinting in, which is super useful for stealth, but beyond that, your nakedness renders you extremely susceptible to damage – it’s very high risk versus high reward, so equip it with caution!

Mongol Commander’s Armor

Ghost Of Tsushima Armours
Mongol Commander’s Armor. Credit: Jordan Oloman

How to unlock: On the third island of Kamiagata, the townsfolk will reward you with pieces of armour from a Mongol Commander when you liberate outposts. Collect them all and speak to the blacksmith to unlock the whole set.

At max level, this set gives you a major increase in health and majorly reduces all damage, but the most important benefit is the loss in detection speed – you’re disguised as a Mongol, so you don’t need to worry about being jumped during exploration. Makes clearing camps a breeze.

Ghost Armor

Ghost Of Tsushima Armours
Ghost Armor. Credit: Jordan Oloman

How to unlock: You’ll unlock this armour in the late game, as part of the main story – no spoilers here!

This armour reduces enemy detection speed by 40 per cent at max level and gives you a 30 per cent chance to Terrify enemies, which means that they’ll start crawling away from you in fear, readying them up for a resolve-gaining stab. However, the best part is that it cuts two from the number of chained kills you need to enter Ghost Stance – use this to your advantage so you can clean up camps in quick succession.