‘Hitman Freelancer’ safe clues and how to open safes

Here's how to unlock safes in the new Freelancer mode

Hitman 3 just received a brand new mode called Freelancer. It’s a rogue-like of sorts, tasking players with taking on a series of contracts that increase in difficulty. Items are carried over between missions, and if you lose, you lose pretty much everything.

Want to open Hitman Freelancer safes? These safes are one of the new additions to Hitman as part of the Freelancer mode. They are well worth seeking out, as they will seriously help your playthrough in the long run.

Unlike the safe codes in the base Hitman 3 game, you won’t need a specific code to open these but can get the clues from your environment around the safe. Opening these safes will give you some Merces – the in-game currency you use to buy weapons and gear – and a vital leg up on this whole assassination business.

How to open safes in Hitman Freelancer


When accepting a contract in Hitman Freelancer, you will be able to see whether the mission contains a safe. Open your map once there to locate the safe. You’ll get a message saying a safe is nearby, and that you will need to search for safe clues. Interacting with the safe will tell you how many clues you need to find.

Where to find safe clues in Hitman Freelancer

Now, you’ll need to find three different clues to unlock the safe. To do this, you’ll enable your special eyes and use hitman-vision to look around for glowing yellow objects, which will likely be documents, laptops or tablets. Once you’ve spotted them, whip out your camera and point it at the objects. 

After you’ve scanned all safe clues, you’ll be able to open the safe. Just head back to the safe and open it. There will be Merces inside, which is the currency used in Hitman World of Assassination’s Freelancer mode. This can be spent to unlock weapons and other gear.


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