‘Modern Warfare 2’ Hardcore Mode release date and what to expect

Here's when Tier 1 (Hardcore Mode) is dropping

Modern Warfare 2 did not launch with Hardcore Mode, instead holding it back for the first proper Season of content. This is much to the dismay of some players, many of whom only play Hardcore Mode, with its elevated difficulty and tension. Luckily, it is on the way, and has been renamed Tier 1.

Tier 1 (Hardcore Mode) reduces players’ health and offers fewer HUD elements while playing. It’s a much harder way to play the game, with a more tactical, careful feel to the run-and-gun gameplay that’s the norm in other modes. Over the years, Hardcore has become a series staple, with many players holding it as their mode of choice.

Here’s the Modern Warfare 2 Hardcore Mode release date, and a bit of detail on what to expect when it drops.

Modern Warfare 2 Hardcore Mode release date


Modern Warfare 2 Hardcore Mode will arrive as part of Season 1 on November 16. It is not currently available in-game, so you’ll have to wait a bit to jump into what are now called Tier 1 playlists. This is according to a blog post over on the game’s official site.

What to expect

Hardcore Mode is a harder version of the playlists found in Call of Duty multiplayer. It generally involves a reduced HUD, and significantly reduced health. For the past few entries, most modes have been available as a Hardcore (Tier 1) playlist pick. We’ll have to wait for confirmation on the modes included this time around.

Infinity Ward describes Tier 1 playlists as such:

“A Tier 1 Playlist is designated within a Playlist’s name and offers a more challenging experience compared to traditional Multiplayer. Operators have less health and limited HUD elements, and friendly fire is on. These elements are consistent in all game modes that support the Tier 1 variant.”


That’s all you need to know about when Tier 1 playlists (Hardcore Mode) is being added to Modern Warfare 2. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on the best Modern Warfare 2 weapons to use in multiplayer. Then there’s our look at the voice cast for the campaign mode.

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