‘Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak’ Armoured Bream location

Breams can come true

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is finally here, adding in new monsters to hunt, resources to collect, and Master Rank quests to take on. There’s so much to do, and so much new content, that knowing where to find it all can be a bit of a nightmare.

Some crafting recipes will require rare resources, many of which can only be found in one specific area of the game. Armoured Bream for example, can only be found as a special drop at The Argosy, so finding them can really take time. Regardless, you will need this item to forge certain armour pieces, so we’ve detailed the process.

In this guide, you’ll find info on where to get Armoured Bream in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. We’ll give you the best method for getting it, and some tips on speeding up the whole process. Let’s get hunting!

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Armoured Bream location


The only place you’ll be able to get Armoured Bream in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is The Argosy. Specifically, send you Buddy out to collect Snow Herbs, and Armoured Bream may drop as a rare item. To do this, first head to the The Argosy in Elgado.

A player stands in front of the Argosy ship
The Argosy in Elgado. Credit: Capcom

Speak to the Buddy Vendor here and select ‘The Argosy.’ You can then send a Buddy (the higher the level the better, aim for 40) on a gathering trip for Snow Herbs. Use a Lagniapple, and then confirm the Trade Request.

Go for Snow Herbs. Credit: Capcom

Before leaving, you’ll want to set up Buddy Bargaining to speed things up. You’ll find this in the Argosy menus. Select ‘Buddy Bargaining,’ and then select Binding Bargain. This will mean more luxury drops over time. Apply this to the Snow Herb Trade Request.

The Argosy trading screen. Binding Bargain is selected as a Buddy Bargaining option.
Select your Buddy Bargaining. Credit: Capcom


From here, you just need to wait for your Buddy to collect items. You can either just continue on your hunts (their inventory will update after each quest) or farm shorter quests to get Armoured Bream faster. In terms of Master Rank quests, go for the A Sinking Feeling quest. It takes around 10 minutes and you’ll get decent resources from farming Hermitaur and Velociprey. Each time you complete a quest, head back to The Argosy. Eventually, your Buddy will have Armoured Bream.

Armoured Bream highlighted in The Argosy Bargaining menu
Your Buddy will eventually bring back Armoured Bream. Credit: Capcom

Your Buddy will continue to farm Armoured Bream as you play. Just remember to top up the Buddy Bargaining every now and then. Once you’ve got enough of them, you can sell your excess for a healthy profit.

That’s all you need to know about getting Armoured Bream in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. In other gaming news, a No Man’s Sky community has created its own cryptocurrency for players who have reached the endgame.