‘Sons of the Forest’: how to befriend Virginia as a companion

The best companion to watch your back in ‘Sons of the Forest’

One of the most bizarre moments of your early Sons of the Forest playthrough will be when a woman with three arms and three legs shows up in a white bathing suit at the edge of your camp. This woman is Virginia, the second of Sons of the Forest’s companions, and she’ll show up no matter where you build, observe for a little while and then dash off, running immediately if you approach.

While Virginia can be killed, you should steer clear of harming her when you first spot her. She is a powerful ally, capable with the game’s firearms and not afraid to back you up in combat against the island’s more fighty inhabitants – which is all of them, honestly.

It’s not initially clear what her deal is or how she ended up with so many limbs, but eagle-eyed players will spot her in the opening cinematic of the game, where she is one of the missing people your team was dispatched to the island to find.

How to befriend Virginia in Sons of the Forest


Befriending Virginia is easy. The first step you will have noticed by accident as when you build a base that starts the whole process off and Virginia starts to appear near your structures, watching you work.

If you leave her alone, she’ll come and go as she pleases. Try to avoid approaching her, and put your weapons away when she’s around – press the G key by default – and she’ll then start to sit down while watching you, or performing ballet routines.

Virginia walks towards the player in the forest

After this stage, she’ll come closer and when she does, she’ll be bearing gifts. You’ll see food and other items in her hands as she gets closer, and if you’re careful not to move towards her and you keep your weapons away, Virginia will drop the item in front of you and then run away again.

At one point – it can be the first gift, but it may be later – Virginia will hang around. At this point, the game considers her as a companion and she’ll come and go as she pleases, still. The best bet is to use the in-game GPS trackers and attach one to Virginia, which will give you the “Every Move You Make” achievement but also let you see Virginia on the map in the same way you can see Kelvin and other player characters doing their thing. Later, when you collect a handgun or shotgun, give these to Virginia and she’ll help you fend off assaults on your base and protect you as you’re running around the island.

So there you have it, that’s how to get Virginia as a companion in Sons of the Forest. For more help with the game be sure to check out our guides on using Hotkeys, and turning on Peaceful Mode.


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