Does ‘Warzone 2’ have Contextual Tap?

Here's which setting you should pick

Warzone 2 is finally here, building on its predecessor while keeping certain mainstays in the rotation. You’ll recognise the core gameplay loop, as well as most of the weapons at your disposal. Beyond this however, there have been some significant changes, namely to the Gulag and Circle collapse systems.

Contextual Tap is gone too, though it’s largely just been given a name change, as there’s an equivalent setting in the menu. For those that aren’t familiar, Contextual Tap helps you priorities certain actions over others while reloading your weapon or interacting with items. This is to avoid any scenarios where you accidentally end up closing a door instead of reloading or vice-versa. It became a staple in Warzone, and pretty much every player had Contextual Tap turned on.

Here’s how to turn on Contextual Tap, or its equivalent in Warzone 2.

How to turn on Contextual Tap in Warzone 2


To enable Contextual Tap in Warzone 2 (or its current equivalent), just head into settings. You’re looking for Controller settings, and then scroll down until you see ‘Interact/Reload Behavior’. Now, select ‘Prioritise Interact’, or ‘Prioritise Reload’. These are both versions of Contextual Tap.

If you’d rather hold to reload when an interact is present, then choose the former. If you’d rather tap to reload when an interact is present, choose the latter. It’s recommended that you try both out, but generally you will always want to prioritise your reload.

That’s how to turn on Contextual Tap in Warzone 2. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on how to get Loadouts during a Warzone 2 match.

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