‘Warzone 2’ Police Station locations in DMZ mode

Here's where to get a Basilisk

Warzone 2 comes bundled with DMZ mode, an extraction-based affair where you and your pals complete objectives and then exfil in a chopper. One mission associated with DMZ mode is the White Lotus ‘Badge of Honor’ challenge. This tasks players with picking up a Basilisk handgun at Police Stations, and then getting headshots with it.

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To complete the Badge of Honor mission in Warzone 2 you will need to know where to find Police Stations. This can be difficult given that they are not marked on the map. Even tougher is the fact that there are only three of them currently in Al Mazrah.


Here’s where to find Police Stations in Warzone 2, so that you can find a Basilisk and start taking down enemies with it. Note that it’s possible that there are more areas where Basilisks can be found, but for now we’ll be focusing on three areas where the challenge is confirmed to be located.

Warzone 2 Police Station locations

There are three Police Stations in Warzone 2‘s DMZ mode. The first can be found at coordinates D5 on the map. You can see it in the image above this paragraph. Head to Sa’id City and look for a large shopping center. The Police Station can be found across the street.

The next Police Station is located at coordinates F2. This is in the northwestern area of Al Mazrah City. There’s a river that runs either side of the Police Station, which is a great way to reach it quickly.


Finally, the third Police Station is located at coordinates G5, to the southeast of Mawizeh Marshlands. Once again, this building is found near a river. A boat is a great way to get to this particular Police Station. Check out the map embedded above this paragraph for an exact location. Note that in this instance, the Police Station is marked as a Stronghold.

How to compete the Badge of Honor mission

The first part of the Badge of Honor mission in Warzone 2 tasks you with acquiring a Basilisk. Even though these can be found all over the map, we’ve found that the challenge only completes if you find one at a Police Station. Once you have one, you will need to land 13 headshot kills. Make sure you extract with the Basilisk afterwards, as it will be added to your inventory as Contraband.

So there you have it, that’s where to find Police Stations in Warzone 2‘s DMZ mode. For more on the game be sure to check out our look at the best way to get a loadout in Warzone 2.

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