Mumbling! Baby voices! The song of the summer! It’s the 10 best Playboi Carti leaks

There's a Soundcloud playlist featuring 125 of them, but these ones fly particularly high

Since the late ’90s, downloads have been about making it easier to listen and send music. Now in 2019, it may be a little too easy.

Playboi Carti is a rapper with a cult following who can’t wait for the release of his second album, ‘Whole Lotta Red’. Of all the rap stars on Soundcloud, Carti is far by the most leaked – so much so there’s an entire playlist with 125 of his leaked songs on there.

On one hand, this is a bad thing, and the reason the release of ‘Whole Lotta Red’ has been pushed back so many times.


On the other hand, it’s great to have so much of his music in the world, and here are some of the best leaks out there right now.

Please note: these are not official track titles.

Molly/No Stylist

This melodic, airy, lo-fi beat is classic Carti, and the fast-paced baby voice is his sonic stamp.

Dropped Out/Dealer

This is reminiscent of the soothing ‘FlatBed Freestyle’ from Carti’s debut album ‘Die Lit’, and features him mumbling away incoherently over a great beat (as is his way).

A Lot On My Mind


Another mumbly tune with trademark cocksure lyrics, and an unusually slow BPM.

Telly/We So Proud of Him

An early leak (the high pitched rapping is a giveaway) that shows the growth of Carti. It’s a sloppy yet enjoyable attempt at the style he has now perfected.

Want To (with Juice WRLD)

A song full of braggadocio and metaphorical gun play, performed alongside the tantalising Juice WRLD.

Exotic (with Trippie Redd)

A melodic track that floats like an astronaut in orbit. It’s a perfect blend of Trippie Redd’s signature cry with Carti’s signature baby voice, and the result is a weirdly beautiful sonic experience.

Tote Shit (ft G Herbo)

G Herbo’s feature isn’t credited, but you know he’s there because of the supersonic delivery and off-kilter beat. Here him and Carti team up on this Pi’erre Bourne-produced beat to big up their tough guy personas.

Let Me In

One of many leaks with a top notch Carti ad lib. Tune in for a ‘pew pew’, a ‘woo’, and an iconic ‘what’, all of which add an extra element to his music.

Minute Maid

On the repetitive ‘Minute Maid’, Carti’s intoxicated delivery over some abrasive production is enjoyable nonsense. Random lyrics, incoherent delivery, but highly entertaining.

Kid Cudi/Pissy Pamper!

The song of the summer, thanks to its huge success on Soundcloud (214K plays and counting). When it was illegitimately uploaded to Spotify and topped the Top 50 Viral Chart, there was only one question to ask: how did it get out there to begin with?