20 Rolling Stones Name-Checks From Other Artists

Proof that you’re a massive band? Get a name-check from another artist in their song. Proof that you’re one of the biggest bands of all time? Get name-checked by 20 different artists in their songs. Here’s a run down of The Rolling Stones’ best tributes…

20 Kid Rock – ‘American Bad Ass’

“I like AC/DC and ZZ Top / Bocephus, Beasties and the kings of rock / Skynyrd, Seger, Limp, Korn, the Stones”

19 The Fratellis – For The Girl

“She was into the Stones when I was into the Roses.”

18 Red Hot Chili Peppers – ‘She’s Only 18’

“She’s only 18 / Don’t like the Rolling Stones / She took a short cut / To being fully grown”


17 Nils Lofgren – ‘Keith Don’t Go (Ode to the Glimmer Twin)’

“Contains a message from millions, says Keith don’t go…”

16 Simon & Garfunkel – ‘A Simple Desultory Philippic’

“I been Rolling Stoned and Beatled till I’m blind. / I been Mick Jaggered, silver daggered.”

15 Smithereens – ‘Behind the Wall of Sleep’

“Well she held a bass guitar and she was playing in a band / And she stood just like Bill Wyman”

14 Eurythmics – ‘Shame’

“Shame in the dance halls / All we need is love / On the TV / All we need is love / We loved you / With the Beatles and the Rolling Stones”


13 Generation X – ‘Ready Steady Go’

“I’m still in love with the Beatles / I was in love with the Stones, no satisfaction”

12 Queen – ‘I Go Crazy’

“But you had to bring me down for a rock ‘n’ roll clone / Leave me like a sucker standing all alone / Did you have to run off with that Rolling Stone?”

11 Robyn Hitchcock – ‘Trash’

“You wish you could be Charlie Watts / doesn’t mean to say you’re not / and you wish you could be Brian Jones / now he’s just a heap of bones / that’s one better than you / you’re a loser”


10 Weezer – ‘Jamie’

“You’ve got the Beach Boys, and your firm’s got the Stones / But I know you won’t leave me alone”

9 The Sex Pistols – ‘Punk Rock Christmas’

“The Queen will sing Anarchy In The UK / and old Mick Jagger will adopt A strangle and a swagger”

8 Neil Young – ‘Borrowed Tune’

“I’m singin’ this borrowed tune / I took from the Rolling Stones / Alone in this empty room / Too wasted to write my own”

7 Captain Beefheart – ‘Beatle Bones n’ Smokin’ Stones’

It’s all in the title.

6 Frank Black and the Catholics – ‘I Want Rock n Roll’

“Little itty bitty of Freddy Fender / Start me up, return to sender”

5 Blur – ‘Trailer Park’

“I’m a country boy I got no Soul / Don’t sleep at night, the worlds growing old / I lost my girl to the Rolling Stones”.

4 Don McClean – ‘American Pie’

“And moss grows fat on our Rolling Stone”

3 Deep Purple – ‘Smoke On The Water’

“We ended up at the Grand Hotel. / It was empty cold and bare. / But with the Rolling Stones truck thing just outside / Making our music there”

2 The Clash – ‘1977’

“Danger stranger / You better paint your face / No Elvis, Beatles, or the Rolling Stones / In 1977”

1 Mott The Hoople – ‘All The Young Dudes’

“And my brother’s back at home / with his Beatles and his Stones / We never got it off / on that revolution stuff”