50 Best Music Videos Of 2010

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50 Carnal Love

Frontman Tim Wheeler eats a heart in this video directed by Alex Turvey. And he’s quite a messy eater.

Best bit? You probably won’t feel too hungry after you watch this.



49 Sex Sax

Directed by Patrick Rood, we see a guy playing his sax all over the city – from a café to a stoop with dancing girls and ice lollies, he goes everywhere.

Best bit? Playing the sax has never looked so fun.


48 Walking The Dog

It’s got more bright colours than a rainbow on acid. Don’t watch if you get easily queasy from flashing lights. Directed by the collective known as Skinny.

Best bit? Think of all the fun they must have had washing all that body paint off after the shoot.


47 Celestica

Directed by Crystal Castles’ own Ethan Kath, along with Rob Hawkins, it’s set in a cemetery (London’s Abney Park Cemetery to be exact), with little kids from London College Of Music playing violins while standing aside tombstones. Could it be any creepier?

Best bit? While Alice Glass is rolling around in the grass singing, Ethan’s smearing black stuff on his face.


46 Derezzed

The only thing more exciting than ‘Tron: Legacy’ being released is the fact that Daft Punk contributed to the soundtrack.

Best bit? Despite doubling as a film trailer, it doesn’t feel like one. Just features some badass stunts and effects.


45 Stars

The girls of Warpaint defy the laws of physics as they play with fire in their video, directed by Adam Harding and Burke Robert.

Best bit?When they do some weird choreography in the woods at night.


44 Princess

It’s like Magritte’s painting coming to life in the video directed by Radical Friend.

Best bit?Looks like he’s gained a gang of multi-coloured headless men.


43 Rad Anthem

It’s fast food mascots gone wild! Directed by Nicholaus Goossen, this video sees Colonel Sanders make out with a stripper, Jack In The Box snort coke and Wendy pole dancing.

Best bit? They lick food off of Jack’s head. This makes Grum’s “food porn” concept look amateurish in comparison.

42 Underage

Directed by Scott Cudmore, this video’s full of face paint and tribal singing.

Best bit? Watch to the end and you’ll see it rain tiny balls of fire.


41 Clap Your Hands

Do you like pole dancing puppets? Apparently Sia likes being one, according to this Kris Moyes-directed video.

Best bit? Well that depends on your preference, really. She also plays a brick-layer, a koala bear, an airplane and a frog, amongst other puppety critters.


40 Nice Guys

We Are Scientists man Chris Cain shot this video for the band’s single ‘Nice Guys’. Frontman Keith attempts to show off his skills on a micro scooter in this home-made promo.

Best bit? Keith gets attacked by a zombie in a fountain at the end.


39 Dog Days Are Over

Directed by Georgie Greville and Geremy Jasper (LEGS), we see Florence as a shamanic leader of an orchestra and, according to the direction duo, each musical element of the song is personified by a group of characters.

Best bit? Where else will you find a fiery redhead dancing in clouds of colourful smoke, face paint and fur?


38 Spanish Sahara

You wouldn’t really expect the video for a track titled ‘Spanish Sahara’ to be filmed in an icy tundra, but that’s what director Dave Ma did with this video – and it worked so well.

Best bit? It’s so epic that it fits perfectly with the haunting track from Yannis and co.


37 The Answer

Ray Winstone talks about being hit by lightning as a child in this video directed by John Hillcoat, the man behind ‘The Road’.

Best bit? This beautifully moving video really adds a new perspective to life.


36 Can’t Shake This Feeling

Grum’s new video brings a new meaning to the term ‘food porn’, as it sees a series of half naked girls stuff baked beans, sandwiches and other gourmet delights down their gullets in a messy orgy. Directed by The General Assembly.

Best bit? If you’re into food porn then, well…enjoy!


35 Super Gum

It’s got an ET-like creature doing rather inappropriate things with aristocratic looking humans. It’s so extremely weird, it’s good. OK, we can’t give all the credit to Tobacco – the clip’s from a 1995 German film, ‘Extra Terrestrian: Die Ausserirdische’.

Best bit? You’ll never look at ET the same way again.


34 Left Of Centre

Weird wiry bugs and animated claymations are just the beginning of this video directed by Tawd Dorenfeld. It’s a whole hodgepodge of strange…but what else would you expect from Serj?

Best bit? A girl texting someone the message, “just 8 a burrito LOL.”


33 When I’m With You

We know Best Coast must get the munchies sometimes, but we didn’t realise they loved fast food that much. This video directed by Pete Ohs shows Cosentino’s love affair with the Mickey D’s clown.

Best bit? They’ve managed to sneak another cat into their work.

32 Madder Red

One of the more WTF? videos of 2010, we see Kristen Bell star alongside some weird sick, puss-oozing creature. Directed by Andreas Nilsson.

Best bit? Kristen’s on-screen love interest has moved on from Russell Brand to this critter.


31 Radar Detector

Ace Norton directed this bizarre video for the equally bizarre curly-haired singer.

Best bit? Deez’s extremely awkward dancemoves are slightly overshadowed by the fact that he’s wearing a gasmask attached to a small plant, while floating in the cosmos.

30 Bang Bang Bang

Ever wanted to see Mark Ronson on a Japanese talk show in the 70s? Well, director Warren Fu made that happen.

Best bit? Ronson and The Business INTL are joined by MNDR & Q-Tip as they float around in outer space.


29 Bombay

This video directed by Nicolas Mendez is definitely NSFW, as it’s got nudity and other, well, strange things going on.

Best bit? If you’ve got a fetish for toe-sucking, then this is the best music video of the year for you.


28 Fuck You

Another viral vid of 2010, it’s now got more than 30 million views on YouTube. Directed by Matt Stawski, this video, like the song, is deceptively sweet.

Best bit? It’s now just a little more acceptable to shout out “Fuck you”.

27 We Want War

NME’s best album of 2010 winners These New Puritans also released one of the most beautiful music videos of the year. Director Daniel Askill’s cinematography was influenced by ballistics footage.

Best bit?Watch people fly and water splash in slow-motion.


26 Enter The Ninja

South African cinematographer Rob Malpage co-directed this video with frontman rapper Ninja, creating a video that spread so quickly online that the band’s website host disabled their account for exceeding bandwidth.

Best bit? This is the video that launched their career worldwide. Whether or not you think that’s a good thing, well, that’s up to you.

25 Miami

Dave Ma directed this strange video starring transsexual icons Calpernia Addams and Glamourous Monique, as well as a team of bodybuilders.

Best bit? You can watch women and bodybuilders wrestle. If you’re into that.


24 It’s Working

Andrew and Ben prove to be handymen in this So Me-directed video. The strange box they build comes to live, or something, and strange things start to happen. Like a giant ballerina dancing in the clouds.

Best bit? We get to see Mr. VanWyngarden dressed as a girl. At least he gets to show off his legs.

23 Whip My Hair

So she’s only ten years old, but she’s inspired the latest song-inspired dance craze and looks pretty fierce in her Ray Kay-directed video.

Best bit? If Jackson Pollock had locks like Willow’s, we’re pretty sure he would have used similar methods to create his paintings.


22 California Gurls

Indulge your sweet tooth without wasting the calories. Katy Perry’s video, directed by Mathew Cullen, takes you into a magical world of gumdrops and candy floss, with Snoop Dogg starring as some pimp Sugar Daddy ringleader.

Best bit? You can see Katy wearing a cupcake bra, if that’s your sort of thing.

21 Barbra Streisand

Possibly one of the most star-studded music videos of the year, it’s got everyone from Kanye to Vampire Weekend to Santigold.

Best bit? Besides the fact that this song will be stuck in your head for days, the video’s got a hilarious fake cameo from Ms. Streisand.


20 Drunk Girls

James Murphy gets dressed like a girl, beaten up, sprayed with champagne and bombarded with firecrackers in this video he co-directed with Spike Jonze.

Best bit? He still somehow looks less of a mess than some drunk girls do.


19 I Feel Better

Directed by comedian Peter Serafinowicz, we see some bald-headed alien being who vomits killer light beams that attack a boyband onstage.

Best bit?The bald-headed alien then gets attacked by a big floating head with lasers shooting from its eyes.


18 Beautiful Dangerous

Ever thought you’d see Fergie straddling Slash? Well now’s your chance, thanks to director Rich Lee.

Best bit? It was all Fergie’s idea. Says Slash, “She said, ‘I have the idea of me stalking you,’ and had that idea firmly in her head.”


17 This Too Shall Pass

The band known for their music videos somehow managed to top their prior ones with this impressively elaborate Rube Goldberg-esque machine. It took 55 to 60 people and more than 60 takes over the course of two days to get it right, but this became the ultimate viral music video.

Best bit? Watch it ’til the end and you won’t be disappointed. There’s even a cameo of their treadmill dancing.


16 Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)

Co-directed by Roboshobo and frontman Gerard Way, we see the band battle weirdly-masked villains, only to be defeated in the end.

Best bit? At least they look like they’re having a hell of a lot of fun while on the run.


15 Get Some

Well this video certainly shows the raunchier side of the Swedish singer. Directed by Johan Söderberg, we see Lykke Li in a black and white kaleidescope-like setting as she grabs her crotch and sings “get some”.

Best bit? This is a whole new side to the singer.


14 Heathen Child

Nudity, guns, fire, dancing soldiers and Hindu gods…Nick Cave’s latest video, directed by John Hilcoat, is just one long string of weird.

Best bit? It makes Hilcoat’s 2009 post-apocalyptic film ‘The Road’ look like a sunny walk in the park.


13 The Wilderness Downtown

Now this one brings the concept of a music video to a new level. No longer can half-naked girls suffice for a good video. This interactive short film by Chris Milk uses technology to bring each user a personalised, interactive video set to the music of Arcade Fire.

Best bit? Feeling nostalgic for your hometown? Using Google maps, this video sets the scene right on your old street.

12 Blind Faith

Nostalgic for late-night raves at warehouses? This video will either make you wish you were at one, or make you glad you’re not. Either way, take a clubbing journey with Chase & Status.

Best bit? This is only the censored version. Want to see what really happens at those parties? Go to chaseandstatus.co.uk to find out.

11 Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do

It’s not that cool to watch if you don’t have a pair of 3D glasses, so go find some and click here to watch.

Best bit? It’s interactive, as well. Using the lovely world of Twitter, users can Tweet their biggest annoyances, along with “#killing me”, and see them at the bottom of the video. Go let off some steam to Robyn.

10 Ringerz

Nope, you’re not having a bad trip. This video directed By Ewan Jones Morris is just really fuzzy, repetitive and full of flashing bright colours and floating dog heads.

Best bit? It’s good, just don’t watch if you can’t handle strobe lights.


9 Ain’t No Grave – The Johnny Cash Project

A special project created in memory of the late Johnny Cash, fans have been able to contribute their own drawings to compose the singer’s final music video. With over 250,000 contributions from 172 different countries, this is a beautiful, interactive gift from his fans.

Best bit? You can still participate, if you haven’t already. Click here to add a drawing, as the video is an on-going project.

8 Scissor

Andy Bruntel from the Director’s Bureau directed this disturbing video of rotting corpses and killer rocks.

Best bit? It’s so confusing that it doesn’t really need to make any sense at all.


7 Twin Flames

Directed by Saam Farahmand, the band get naked to cavort with girls as their bodies morph together. Basically a soft porn ‘Human Centipede’.

Best bit? The initial shock of seeing Jamie Reynolds and co, stripped, conjoined and humping away as a two-backed beast.


6 Born Free

A video so scandalous that it’s been banned from YouTube, MIA shocked the world when she released this video of ginger genocide. Directed by Romain Gavras, it’s got nudity and extremely graphic violence. Click here to watch it.

Best bit? If you can stomach it to sit through the entire thing, then good on you.


5 Stylo

Jamie Hewlett directed this desert car chase video, starring the lovable animated characters of the band and Mr. badass himself, Mr. Bruce Willis.

Best bit? It broke records and was viewed 900,000 times in its first 24 hours.

4 We Used To Wait

It’s a classic concept, but it works so well. Directed by Terry Gilliam, this video is live footage from the band’s summertime concert at NYC’s Madison Square Garden venue.

Best bit? If you’ve never had the chance to see Arcade Fire live, this video will certainly make you feel like you have.


3 Telephone

Swedish director Jonas Akerlund returned to work on a second video for Gaga (after ‘Paparazzi’). The result was nearly ten minutes of product placements, a Thelma and Louise storyline, bizarre outfits and some uniquely Gaga-esque dance moves.

Best bit? It proved Gaga doesn’t have a dick. Looks like she’s finally settled that debate.

2 Power

Directed by Canadian artist Marco Brambilla, this video is, according to Kanye, a “moving painting”, inspired from Michelangelo’s artwork in the Sistine Chapel.

Best bit? We all know Kanye’s got a bit of an ego, so it seems fitting that he’s standing at the center of this shrine-like masterpiece.

1 Tightrope

Directed by Wendy Morgan, this video takes place at the Palace of the Dogs, an insane asylum where the likes of Charlie Parker and Jimi Hendrix were once admitted to.

Best bit? It inspired a whole new dance craze – probably the best one since Soulja Boy…which is a welcomed change.