Big Shaq is back! Let’s look at the top moments – so far – from his viral hit web series ‘Somewhere In London’

Man's still hot, along with some starry mates, in the new season of his beloved show

After the success of Somewhere In London [stylised as SWIL], it’s no wonder Michael Dapaah and Marv Brown’s masterpiece mockumentary web series has been revamped for season two. Echoing the success of internet sensation Roll Safe and his Hood documentarySWIL and Big Shaq have won places in British pop culture.

The second season, currently underway, has a star-studded cast from the internet sensations Yung Filly and Chunkz to drill star Headie One. We see Dapaah perfect many characters including the beloved Patrick, the Community Officer who loves to ‘confiscate’ people’s items. Or even the new guy, Damien Johnson, whom we all (allegedly) know from that one scene of the reality show Love and Hip Hop, who now wants to be a movie star.

Let’s have a look at the best bits from the first season and the first few episodes of season two broadcast so far, shall we?

Everyone remembers Big Shaq, but what about MC Quake?


The funny yet headstrong “Poetrapper” (whatever that is) of Bagel King Records is one of four personas Dapaah plays. Although super inspirational to the big stars like J Hus (according, to, erm Quake), he’s still waiting for his comeuppance as a low-level (and low-paid) wannabe rap superstar. We meet him in episode one at the 7:14 mark.


Dr. Ofori, the “name that you can trust, the name that is a must, the name that doesn’t attract dust”?

We didn’t know how much we needed him, but he makes the sketch show a real spectacle. A highlight comes in episode two, when he gets his own counselling space behind a hairdresser’s. Come for a cut, stay for a spot of therapy. Sure!

And then we met the big man himself…

We meet the one and only Big Shaq in episode three, as he tries to reform his thuggish ways and become a model. A pure moment of comedy gold.


When Big Shaq made it cool to wear a jacket in the summer time

The iconic and infamous phrase “man’s not hot” was born in episode five of SWIL when he says, “It’s flipping 25°c out ‘ere today but… man’s not hot!”. Legendary.

Then there was that cheeky freestyle…

You know, that song Big Shaq did. That platinum-selling one called “Man’s Not Hot” stemmed from the season finale of SWIL, when Shaq freestyles in front of Drill pioneers 67 over their beat for “Let’s Lurk”.

That time when Dr Ofori cracked down on crime by driving around in his Uber…

In first episode of the second season, on a pick-up, Dr Ofori gets in the way of the plans of some boys in all black and balaclavas. Definitely not sketchy…

The one with Headie One

In the latest video, Patrick is not the community officer we love him for but, as a way into the Police force, he is a Border Control interviewer – a scenario I didn’t think I needed until now! Plus, this is the starry episode that has Headie One as a fresh-out-of-jail potential baby daddy to Big Shaq’s kid… yikes!

And if you liked all that, well keep on watching! The new episodes that come out every Tuesday on Michael Dapaah’s YouTube channel.