Blink 182’s 10 Best Quotes

Blink-182’s first era didn’t last forever, and with Tom Delonge’s departure, the next journey is well and truly underway. Putting on a brave face, we’ve compiled something that’ll never abandon you in a mess of contradictory rumours: a list of the band’s greatest ever quotes. Enjoy.

10 On the naked thing

He’s talking about the band’s proclivity for playing naked concerts and making naked music videos, but take this as general life advice: as soon as “people” get used to you doing any kind of “naked thing”, it’s time to stop doing the naked thing.

9 On ‘bullshit pop’

Shortly after Blink’s acrimonious 2005 split, Delonge posted a perfectly sensible YouTube video denouncing superficial pop bands who lack credibility and relevance to grown adults. He went on to great fame with Angels & Airwaves, and joined a reformed Blink in 2009, aged 33. There’s nothing wrong with any of this. These are completely reasonable actions.

8 On teenage songwriting

Wise words, Mr. Hoppus, but why stop there? Here’s to downing dirty pints at 100, teabagging in bike sheds at 120 and snogging your mate’s dad at 150.

7 On American Idol

No shit, Sherlonge: you have a recording contract, you’re probably a registered musical business and you certainly aren’t 15-28, unless exceptions apply to applicants suffering arrested adolescence. Pedantry aside, even the craziest Blink fan would wince at hearing that preening whine at an a capella audition. So we’ll probably just take his word for it, like.

6 On travel

Is it just us, or is there something oddly profound about the boy Barker’s reflection on life on the road here? Isn’t the touring lifestyle, after all, an apt metaphor for the unbearable transience of being; of sallying forth, plagued by our own impermanence, towards the dark unknowable peril of death? Yeah, probably.

5 On an alien encounter

Not just a pretty face, Tom Delonge has spent recent years proving himself so irrepressibly, infectiously bananas that, when he buys bananas, even his bananas have bananas. This is precisely how many bananas we want from our rock stars.

4 On lapsed veganism

Not good enough, Barker! Go vegan once there’s no going back, kiddo! Just kidding mate: since surviving his tragic plane crash in 2008, Travis has proven himself so vocal a proponent of veganism that, by influencing fans alone, he’s saved more animals’ lives than a Disney screenwriter. So maybe we’ll let him off.

3 On parenthood

No offense, mum, but this one’s anchored by a definite bit of actual knowledge. Part of getting old is realising most of adulthood is either a social myth or a cultural construction; your parents are faking it, you’re faking it, and believe me, I’m certainly faking it. What’s even happening right now? No idea, mate. It’s fine.

2 On high school

Oh, good old uncle Mark. He had 10,000 words of wisdom, he marched them up to the top of the charts and all anyone heard were some cock gags and something about turning the lights off and getting carried home… presumably by your mum? We think it’s about falling asleep at the babysitter’s house.

1 On parental influence

Isn’t it just? Intriguing, though, that the scariest rhetorical image Hoppo could dream up, by way of illustrating his radiant liberalism as a parent, was that of his young son, in a cowboy hat, listening to country music. Still, could you truly say the same, that you’d be ‘fine’ with your son, wearing a cowboy hat, listening to country music? We didn’t think so. Bow down to the Hoppus.