Batman merch that every DC fan needs

Whether you’re a fan of Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke, David Ayer’s Suicide Squad or Warner Bros’ Batman: The Animated Series, you’re bound to find these Batman clothes hard to resist.


Batman Bat Shadow T-Shirt – Buy Now

Inspired by the DC comic book series ‘Shadow of the Bat’ that ran from 1992 to 2000, this tee is simple yet highly effective. The series sought to go beyond the main characters’ facades and look deeper into their psyche. Writer, Alan Grant, introduced many new characters including Asylum Director, Jeremiah Arkham and super villain Victor Zsasz.


Batman The Joker Sweatshirt – Buy Now

This sweat sees the artwork from Scott Snyder’s 2011 Detective Comics #880. The comic is set as the Joker is, once again, on the loose in the catacombs below Gotham City as Batman is closing in. The artwork, inked by JOCK, was meant to show the super villain as more vicious and frightening than ever before in the long-running Detective Comics series, which began in 1937.

DC Batman Logo T-Shirt – Buy Now

The infamous black and yellow Bat logo has been around since Detective Comic #327 in 1964, so if you’re looking for an iconic tee then this is it. Featured on Batman’s armour, vehicles and weapons, the logo has often changed in response to the signalling equipment found on the roof of Gotham City Police Department – to date, it’s been adapted at least 28 times. 

DC Batman Arkham Origins Shield T-Shirt – Buy Now

Inspired by the ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ video game, this tee displays the infamous ‘Bat Shield’. The video game was released back in 2013 and received much praise from the gaming community. It showed an expanded version of Gotham City and introduced a prequel storyline set before ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum’ and ‘Batman: Arkham City’.


Batman The Joker HaHaHa T-Shirt – Buy Now

Subtly recreating the cover of Paul Dini’s ‘Batman: Harley Quinn’, illustrated by Alex Ross, this Joker is taken from an image of him and Harley dancing. The graphic novel itself collects Harley’s best bits that sees her falling in love with the Crown Prince of Crime and trying to defeat their romantic buzzkill, Batman. You may have noticed this cover also played out in the Suicide Squad movie released earlier this year.


DC Originals The Many Moods Of Batman Sweatshirt – Buy Now

Straight from the DC originals collection, this Batman sweat seeks to bring a bit of much-needed humour to the Dark Knight. Aimed at a more adult audience, the DC Originals animated film collection is known for its profane language, stronger violence and more mature themes. All its films are adaptations of the stories found in DC’s print comics and graphic novels.


Batman The Joker Laughing T-Shirt – Buy Now

This tee features artwork from one of the most critically acclaimed graphic novels of all time, Alan Moore’s 1988 The Killing Joke. Often referred to as the definitive Joker story, the comic takes place across two timelines: one where the Joker is trying to drive Jim Gordon insane and the other that tells the beginnings of this infamous character as a tragic family man who suffered his final bad day that drove him mad.

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