50 songs about growing up

Having growing pains? These songs can relate

11. ‘Winter’ – Tori Amos

Key lyrics: “‘Mirror mirror, where’s the crystal palace?’ / But I only can see myself / Skating around the truth who I am / But I know that the ice is getting thin
What it encapsulates: The end of childish imagination, and the beginning of adolescent confusion.

12. ‘Opposite Of Adults’ – Chiddy Bang

Key lyrics:Tell mummy I’m sorry, this life is a party, I’m never growing up
What it encapsulates: Giving adulthood the finger.



13. ‘Growin’ Up’ – Bruce Springsteen

Key lyrics:I hid in the clouded wrath of the crowd / But when they said, ‘Sit down’, I stood up / Ooh… growin’ up
What it encapsulates: Pretty much what it says on the tin.

14. ‘Fade Away’ – Oasis

Key lyrics:While we’re living / the dreams we have as children / Fade away
What it encapsulates: Realising that life is hard and things don’t always turn out the way you wanted.

15. ‘Class of 2013’ – Mitski

Key lyrics:Mom, am I still young? Can I dream for a few months more?
What it encapsulates: When you go back to a parent’s house to pretend you have 0 responsibilities.


16. ‘Same Drugs’ – Chance The Rapper

Key lyrics:Window closed, Wendy got old / I was too late, I was too late / A shadow of what I once was
What it encapsulates: Seeing an old friend who’s fucked up.

17. ‘17’ – Youth Lagoon

Key lyrics:When I was seventeen / My mother said to me / ‘Don’t stop imagining. The day that you do is the day that you die‘”
What it encapsulates: The importance of retaining aspects of childhood.

18. ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ – The Verve

Key lyrics:No change / I can’t change / But I’m here in my mould
What it encapsulates: Growing up and finding yourself stuck in a groove 🙁

19. ‘Ghost!’ – Kid Cudi

Key lyrics:I want to know one thing, when did I become a ghost?
What it encapsulates: Realising you took a wrong turn five years ago. At least you realised though, right?

20. ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ – The Beatles

Key lyrics:Nothing is real / And nothing to get hung about / Strawberry Fields forever
What it encapsulates: The weird potency of childhood memories, with a little help from LSD.